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Praying Buddha Necklace

Praying Buddha Necklace

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Experience the serenity and timeless beauty of our 18k Praying Buddha Necklace, where intricate artistry meets spiritual symbolism. This unique piece features a suspended praying Buddha encased in a halo of hand-set diamonds, symbolizing enlightenment and the pure state of mind achieved through meditation. Encircling it all is an ornate lotus flower, a recognized icon of purity and spiritual awakening in Buddhism. Our necklace is a wearable reminder of inner peace and spiritual connection. Let this necklace inspire your journey and act as a beacon of personal growth and self-realization.

Our Praying Buddha can be worn as a standalone pendant paired with any of our charm chains or alternatively the pendant can be attached to a thin chain.



LunaFlo pieces are packaged carefully in 100% biodegradable jute pouches and packed in golden branded boxes.

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