About LunaFlo London

Carlie Pearson


Charlie Pearson is the creator and designer behind the jewellery brandLunaFlo London. Born and raised in London, she attended Fine ArtsCollege and subsequently studied at the Royal Central School of Speechand Drama. After moving to Los Angeles, she owned a chain ofsuccessful restaurants called Charlie's Pantry and also studied at theFashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM).In 2017, Charlie created LunaFlo London, drawing inspiration from herlifelong fascination with the power of symbolism. She believes thatjewellery can tell a story and hold meaning for both the wearer andthe observer, and her designs reflect this philosophy.Each piece of jewellery from LunaFlo London is crafted with care andattention to detail, using only the finest materials. Charlie'spassion for creativity and spirituality is evident in every design,which draws inspiration from the natural world, cultural motifs, andspiritual traditions.Through LunaFlo London, Charlie has created a brand that is bothauthentic and inspiring. Her dedication to quality, innovation, andmeaningful symbolism has made LunaFlo London a sought-after brand inthe world of jewellery.