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Eye Of Hamsa Amulet

Eye Of Hamsa Amulet

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Experience the synergistic magic of protection and positivity with our beautifully crafted 18k gold and diamond Eye of Hamsa Amulet.

The Hamsa is a universal symbol of protection, good fortune, and blessings. It holds a prominent place in Jewish, Islamic, and North African traditions as a beacon of safety to its wearer. It reminds us of the collective human longing for protection, peace and prosperity by transcending religious and cultural differences. The Evil Eye is a symbol also deeply rooted in many cultures serving as a personal shield, fostering an environment of safety and positivity, while its radiant diamonds reflect the strength and beauty of the wearer.



LunaFlo pieces are packaged carefully in 100% biodegradable jute pouches and packed in golden branded boxes.

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