We are delighted to share with you an exquisite article published in LKN Magazine this month written by our valued client, Laura Czerwinski, which beautifully captures the essence of the LunaFlo Shooting Star Necklace. Please take a moment to enjoy her eloquent words below.

Like millions of people, I spent a good amount of time this fall watching season 2 of HBO’s The White Lotus. While most people were marvelling at the breathtaking Italian scenery and their favourite actors, I was (at least partially) fixated on the jewellery. More specifically, the Shooting Star necklace.

It just popped off the screen every time I saw it. You know when you see something that just makes sense for you? There was something special about it. The simplicity of the star. It wasn’t too small and wasn’t too large. It was a goldilocks moment. It was just right for me. I began my search to see where I could get one for myself. After some sleuthing, I discovered that the designer of the necklace is Charlotte Pearson (Charlie) of London, England. She is the founder and creative director of LunaFlo London, named after her two daughters. Charlie designed a wonderful array of pieces as seen on season 2 of The White Lotus, and she has shared with me that she is also going to be dressing the cast in her jewellery for season 3! Hailing from Hampstead, North London, Charlie studied jewellery design at FIDM in Los Angeles before returning to London in 2016 to establish LunaFlo London in 2017.

I decided to bring a piece of London across the pond to Lake Norman. To me, it was art. It had small details that I appreciated, down to the intricate filigree work on the back. It wasn’t surprising at all that it was designed by an artist. There is such a unique quality to it. I have some other pieces of jewellery with stars and this fits right in.

Think about your own collection of jewellery. Whether the stones or metal are authentic or synthetic, it is ALL considered ‘fine.’ If you are like me, you may go through periods where you are putting on the same pair of earrings, necklace and rings every day. They are likely the most readily available on top of your dresser or even pieces you seldom take off at all! I am here to encourage you to rotate it all a little more often, or to take things a step further, by not saving your favourites for special occasions only. At the very least, consider more of your everyday life events as special occasions.

For those of you who think about adding more sparkle to your life, consider this. For centuries, jewels and gems have been the center of great mysteries, dramas, supposed curses, wars, and love affairs. We’ve heard great stories about the Crown Jewels, which celebrities have the swankiest engagement rings, or who’s worn things on loan from Harry Winston, Cartier or Tiffany & Co to gatherings of the Hollywood elite like the Academy Awards.

Recently, I have been exploring the history of such famous wearable art. Especially those belonging to Marjorie Meriweather Post. Once the wealthiest woman in the United States, she donated a large portion of her collection to the Smithsonian, which are still on exhibit today. These blinding, shimmering pieces of history will stay behind the glass and out of reach for most of us and that’s OK. Truthfully, is it realistic that these wearable masterpieces and tiaras are suited for everyday wear anyway? Not really. Would it be fun if they were? Yes! What if I told you, that in a way, they can be?

While reading the March issue of LKN Magazine, I was stunned at the remarkable “feel alike” I experienced when seeing the ad for Juelerye Artisan Gallery & Gifts. That particular month, the rings featured by SC artist Kristen Baird were bursting with green gemstones. The fun, playful green made me think of so many things; green gumdrops with glistening sanding sugar, green stained-glass windows, green marbles that I might have played with on a summer day as a child, green sea glass waiting to be discovered at the beach. But then, I realised what was triggering that twinge of recognition. The larger stones were distinctly reminiscent of those adorning the famous Post Emerald Necklace which features over 650 Indian-cut emeralds!

Have you ever had your goldilocks moment when you saw a piece of jewellery that was ‘just right’ for you? Pieces created by artists have such a personal flair which is usually why people so easily gravitate towards them. As I continue to learn about historic pieces, I find that a large majority were commissioned to be specifically made for someone for a special occasion by, you guessed it—an artist. Usually it was for a wedding, coronation, a victory in war, birth of a baby, etc.

But in today’s world, none of these reasons are needed to add sparkle to your life. Go. Browse what the local shops and artists of Lake Norman have to offer. Find your Goldilocks moment.

I’d love to hear about your favourite piece of jewellery or your experience when shopping local or falling in love with something created by a local artist. You can share your story by joining the LKN Magazine Readers Facebook group by scanning the QR code or searching “LKN Magazine Readers”.

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